• Nicholas Cordonnier

The Alfonso Cuarón One-Shot Sequence (Video Essay)

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

A video essay by The Royal Ocean Film Society.

When discussing film, no medium lends itself quite as well as the video essay. By punctuating your prose with the very sequences you are discussing, you convey your argument to your audience in a much more efficient and suffice manner.

In the above video essay, produced by one of my favorite YouTube channels, we analyze the film’s of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón, the mastermind behind such films as Gravity, Roma, and Children of Men. Specifically, the essay examines his one-shot sequences and how they, for lack of a better term, feel different. From his framing techniques to the way they serve the story, Alfonso Cuarón uses the camera like no other director working today.

If you’re interested in how he tells a story, I implore you to watch the video above. And please see his latest work, the Best Picture nominee Roma before the Oscars next Sunday.

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