• Nicholas Cordonnier

My Time as a Multimedia Campaign Manager

For the better part of the last month, I have been proudly serving as the Multimedia Campaign Manager for the Marquette University Student Government presidential race. As the multimedia campaign manager, I have been tasked with a variety of different responsibilities, including designing campaign logos, filming and recording videos (like the one seen above), and editing websites for my clients.

I have been extremely pleased with my experiences thus far; working on a campaign not only looks great on a resume, but I’ve been able to add a plethora of material to my portfolio, something that I hope will make me a stronger job applicant in the future. Particularly, my favorite aspect of the job has been creating the announcement video shown above. This was a large undertaking, and provided me an opportunity to truly flex my filmmaking muscles. I traveled around campus with my Panasonic Lumix G7, and was able to capture a variety of wonderful shots that you see in the video. All drone footage was provided courtesy of my roommate, Tom Hillmeyer.

However, the biggest undertaking involved editing the video. I wanted to make the video appear as crisp and clean as possible, so I used a variety of different motion graphics, something I did not have much prior experience with. This nearly tripled my total editing time (the first 10 seconds alone took around 3 hours to complete). However, I was using a variety of pre-downloaded templates, which made the job much easier. This opportunity allowed me to get more familiar with motion graphics and different types of visual effects.

Update (as of 6-19-2019): Sara and Dan won by an overwhelming majority. They are now serving as the President and Executive Vice President of Marquette University Student Government. To follow their platform, please visit the MUSG website.

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