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Film Festival News and Updates

I wanted to use this time to provide some update news regarding a recent short film I worked on.

The Thrill of It (2018) was a short film I created last year for my Intermediate to Digital Production class at Marquette University. I was fortunate enough to serve as the film’s cinematographer, along with fellow colleagues Dan O’Keefe (director), Tom Hillmeyer (editor), and Mallory Winkler (sound mixer/location scout).

Following our initial screening in Milwaukee last year, we submitted the film into a variety of different festivals and was lucky enough to be featured in a handful. Our film screened at the Austin Spotlight Film Festival and Mosaic World Film Festival last year. Following our success at those film festivals, we decided to continue promoting our film on the festival circuit into the new year.

So far this year, our film screened at two additional festivals: the Green Bay Film Festival and the Marquette Student Film Festival. At the latter, our film was judged and critiqued by a selection of prominent filmmakers and entertainment specialists in the Milwaukee area, and we were lucky enough to be awarded Best Picture. Our prize for receiving said award was a $150 worth of FilmFreeway credit to continue submitting our film into festivals. We were incredibly happy to receive award recognition for our hard-work and are excited to see what other festivals our film (hopefully) gets accepted into.

Submitting these film’s into festivals not only gives us as creatives a chance to network with other individuals doing amazing work in the entertainment industry, but allows us to get professional recognition that helps build and strengthen our resumes and portfolios. In the future, we hope to move our festival submissions a little closer to the Los Angeles-scene in hopes of breaking into a more film-centric location and catching the eye of more influential industry personalities.

To view the film, please type the password "thrill" when prompted above.

Here’s to more success on the film festival circuit!

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