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I'm Nicholas Cordonnier, a multimedia content creator based in the Milwaukee area.

I recently graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Media and Marketing. With graduation having finally arrived, I am currently seeking opportunities to further develop my creative skills and personal network. 


My experience at Marquette has allowed me to hone my content creation skills and marketing techniques in both classroom and extra-curricular settings. I have created multimedia content for numerous organizations on campus, including the Marquette Honors Program and the Marquette Wire. 


On top of being a full-time student, I served as the Communications Vice President for Marquette University Student Government, where I lead a team of 15 communication specialists and oversaw all advertising campaigns and marketing efforts for the organization. 

Over the past summer, I was lucky enough to serve as a Corporate Trainee Intern with the Corporate Communications Department of Quad. In this role, I worked to produce, shoot, and edit corporate video for internal distribution, allowing me to gain some great professional experience and network with some truly remarkable people.